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Loving Life Again!!
Monday, 03 June 2013 12:36

Hey Fans,

Its good to finally getting back to myself after a difficult year personally. I have only been back at work a few weeks and already I have been loving life!

I went to Sunderland on the 26th of May to perform at The Sunderland Gay Pride Festival fundraiser at the New Central Bar. I had a great time and even went out partying for the first time in ages with British Pop Band "Stolen Identity" who share the same management team as myself. We had a few cocktails after the gig to celebrate me joining the Collum Entertainment Family. I am so excited to have such a positive and energetic team behind me now!

Then last Thursday I shot my FIFTH music video which is just CRAZY!!! I remember shooting my first video on no budget at all and being so excited it was unreal. So its surreal to think I am still lucky enough to have the chance to work with talented directors now as an artist and hopefully the bigger I become in the entertainment industry ill get to hopefully one day shoot the video of my dreams!! This video is to promote my new single "You're The One" and it is the last single I am going to release from my debut album "Adulation" and the video is really simple and classy lol not what you would expect usually from me lol ;) I get to screen it next week and I am super excited but I am so over critical when I see myself back on film. I want to say a big thank you to the boys at Phantom Space production Company who directed and shot the video for me they are so super talented.

Well anyways I'm off to catch a flight to Alicante tomorrow for four days to chill out at my Mum and Dads holiday home. I can't wait I deserve some time to chill with all the stress I have had in the last year!!

Hope to see you all soon at my upcoming gigs.

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx


I'm Back!
Friday, 24 May 2013 13:11

Hey Everyone,

I am so happy to be back to work and doing what I do best performing and writing music!

At the moment I am currently on "The Pop Tour" with Eazy Street Entertainments where I will be performing at various Gay nightcllubs and Pride Fundraisers and Festivals to help me build up my fanbase in England. Joining me on the tour is the fab trio "Stolen Identity" and up and coming boyband "The Ignition Boys".

On the first date of the tour I visited the famous "Flying Handbag" in Blackpool. I had such a cool time and I hope everyone at the venue enjoyed my performance.

This weekend I am performing at The Sunderland Pride Fundraiser at The New Central Bar. I actually can't wait. Looking forward to hitting the town after with the other bands and meeting hopfully loads more potential new fans!

Well I saw myself on Britain's got Talent and it was so edited and chopped into little bits and pieced back together to make me look awful but to be honest I thought I looked cute on Britains' got Talent and it did put my personality across. Yes thats right I am a complete nutter but I love it. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same!! So shine on you Crazy Diamonds.

Oh and I just got signed by a fantastic management company. I am so happy to have a wonderful team around me and my manager Paul is Amazing. So watch this space big things to come in the near future!!

Stay Positive and Happy everyone

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx

Taking some time out!
Thursday, 25 April 2013 13:46

Hey Everyone,

I've not been very well at the moment and due to this I have been taking some time out for myself in order to get back to my happy go lucky self. Don't worry ill be back in the summer with a new single and I will be in the studio recording my new album as soon as I get back to work!! On the plus side of things I have wrote some of the best music of my life due to going through a very difficult time personally.

Thank you again to all of my fans for your continued love and support

You truly are fantastic especially James and Straps my super fans!!

Look out for me on Britains got Talent on ITV i'll be on soon :)

Love you all

Ashley xxx

First dates of my tour!!
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 15:00

So my I Love Adulation UK Nightclub Tour kicked off two weeks ago in Aberdeen at Cheerz nightclub and I can honestly say I had a blast. The Club was so kind and treated me like a star so hopefully I will be back soon as I am sure my performance went down well as the crowd loved it. Especially "SuperDiva" and my cover of "Aqua's Barbie Girl". My dancers Amanada and Jay were so fab it was unreal and I was mega proud of the girls they helped make my performance extra special and brought loads of sex appeal. It was nice to see all of the choreography that I had made up and the costumes that I had picked out come to life on stage! It was really a cool night. However me and the girls were planning to go out and party in style when we ended up being really boring cause we were all so shattered that we went to the hotel room early and slept like babies. Then in the morning my car ran out of petrol and my photographer Terry ended up walking to the petrol station to fill up a wee tank so we never got stranded!! Actually sooo funny what a gem!

I also went to my fav venue of all time Speakeasy for my Glasgow tour date and I was also joined by I Candy Butler Dan who presented my show. However there were loads of technical difficulties with the sound at the Glasgow tour date and I didn't feel as though I got a chance to perform to my best as I was stressed out! So I apoligise to all the fans who came along! However I did get to meet loads of them and sign some nice pictures!!

Looking forward to Christmas to spend time with the people I Love and chill out!!!

Hope you all have a geat Christmas.

Love Ashley x


Tour time here we come!!
Wednesday, 05 December 2012 13:44


OMG I am actually sooo excited for this weekend till my tour kicks off but I am also pretty stressed as I still have sooo much stuff to do its unreal. On Friday night I am off to Aberdeen's biggest Gay Nightclub Cheerz and then on Saturday night the 8th of December I am back in my hometown of Glasgow at my fav venue Speakeasy!

The best part of being on tour is getting to see the fans reactions when I perform my show and I hope they love my costumes and all of the personal input I have put into this show!!

I also can't wait to party afterwards and have a few glasses of Champers lol might as well enjoy the perks.

Really hope as many of you can come along and again thank you for all the support!!

Also I have the beautiful I Candy Butlers Joining me at my Glasgow tour dates!!! Bit of man Candy for all my gay fans out there!! ;)

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx



I Love Adulation Christmas and New Year Club Tour
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 15:10

I hope everyone is good I am feeling great at the moment and finally getting back to my happy, bubbly and positive self :)

I am super excited to let all of my fans know that my I Love Adulation UK Nightclub Tour is back on the road again and the tour kicks off in Aberdeen on the 7th of December at Cheerz nightclub and then we are back in my hometown of Glasgow the night after at my favourite venue ever Speakeasy on Saturday the 7th! Then i am back in Aberdeen on the 28th of December at Chaplins Nightclub! Dates in Edinburgh and Dundee still to be announced then I head off to England in the New Year!!!! Exciting.

The Best part of being an Independent artist is that I have full creative control over the content of the show and I even shop for the costumes and cheorograph my dancers routines! I can't let any of you know what my new club set is but what I will say is that it is as over the top and as Camp as ever and I hope that if you make it along to any of the dates you will love my music, vocals and overall performance.

I have also just been booked for a New Year Extravaganza which will be a full night of Ashley Collins madness acoustic performance and full live P.A with my dancers but more information will be available regarding the show in the next few weeks and how to get tickets!

Anyways I am off to shop for more costumes for my dancers Exciting, Exciting, Exciting!!!!!


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!
Thursday, 08 November 2012 14:28

Hey Fans,

I would like to apoligise to all of my fans as I have been going through a really hard time personally at the moment and as a result I have not been recording any new music or making music videos etc. All I will say is that I have went through a situation that many women in the UK have went through with their partner and I am so proud of myself for doing the right thing and speaking out and standing up for myself. Hopefully the more successfull I am in the future I will be able to encourage more girls to speak out who are going through a similar situation at home.

What I will say is its been the worse time of my life and never again will I let a man bring me down by letting him emotionally and physically abuse me and make me feel that I am not talented enough to follow my dream! So girls if your boyfriend is a complete loser kick him to the kurb!!!! LOL.

I am writing this blog to let you all know that I am back and 2013 is going to be much bigger and better for me!! New Music and I am going to complete my UK nightclub tour that I started this year!

Also me and my dancers went and auditioned for Britain's got Talent and it was the most amazing experience ever so fingers crossed : )


Latest News
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 09:59

Hey everyone so its been a couple of weeks since I have wrote my blog
and as usual I have been gigging up and down the country. By far my
favourite performance was at Cumbernauld LIVE on the 18th of August
where I joined acts such as Raintown and Bags of Rock to perform at the
yearly event at Cumbernauld Shopping Centre.

Being a songwriter I love nothing more than performing the songs that I
have wrote acoustic as it shows off my voice and writing skills better
so I was very happy to perform this event with my guitarist Bobby
Watson who really is one of the most talented guitarists I know.


We performed all my favourite tracks from my debut album "Adulation"

including SuperDiva, Claustrophobia and my new single First Love. Plus
we managed to sneak in a cheeky cover of a medley of all of Cheryl
Coles songs and we even threw a wee bit of Love Machine by Girls Aloud into
the mix. It was a bit of a random Cheryl Cole medley but somehow it
worked even though Bobby and I had only came up with the arrangement a
couple of nights before.

I attended the Scottish New Music Awards with my mum, my photographer

Terry and my good friend Nicole. However I was gutted that I never won Pop

Recording of The Year but it was still a huge achievement to be nominated.

I ended up just leaving early and getting drunk at my local bar with boyfriend nothing like drowning
your sorrows lol!

However I was very happy that my good friends Raintown won 2 awards.
Raintown are a fab Country Pop Duo from Scotland and they recorded their album in the same studio as I did
mine so we go way back lol.

Oh and I also got the time to get my hair done and got some chocolate highlights added to my blonde hair, a wee change!!!

Here is some pictures of me at Cumbernauld LIVE and at The Scottish New Music Awards with event organiser Bruce Hotchkins.


Lots of Love

Ashley xxx

Friday, 03 August 2012 16:23

I have been doing a lot of cover gigs lately so it was nice to finally get back to doing what I do best performing my own music with my lovely dancers. We had an amazing time performing at Glasgow Gay Venue Speakeasy on Sunday the 29th of July.

It is one of my favourite venues to play as the crowd and staff are really cool.
They also do the best food in Glasgow and I had an amazing salad and my dancers had Nacho's. Then I had my usual can of sugar-free red bull which I always drink before I go on stage. It gives me the energy I need to perform.

I performed Claustrophobia, SuperDiva and First Love as well as covers "All fired up" by "The Saturdays" and "All about Tonight" by "Pixie Lott".
The whole night was presented by one of Scotland's best drag Queens Miss Nancy Clench who writes for ScotsGay Magazine. She is famous on the Scottish gay scene and I love her to bits! Check out the picture of us below partying together before my performance.

I am currently working on a new set for my English part of my UK Club tour, so for the next few months I am going to be in rehearsals a lot which I love!!

I also got the chance to meet some of my very loyal fans at the gig and it is one of the best feelings in the world when someone tells me that they love my music it makes me beam from ear to ear. Oh and I met a singer at my gig who works for my idol Eddi Reader so I gave him a flyer and he is going to pass it on to Eddi for me and tell her how much I love her music it would be a dream come true for me to meet up with her and get some advice on the music industry as it is pretty hectic and crazy.

Anyway if any of you have not listened to Eddi Reader you are missing out big time! She is the most talented and amazing songwriter and vocalist you have ever heard and her lyrics are beautiful and from the heart!! Go and You Tube Eddi Reader allelujah one of the best songs of all time in my opinion!!

Hope you all had a great weekend

Lots of Love
Ashley xxx



Speakeasy Legend "Nancy Clench" with "Ashley Collins"

July Madness
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 10:24

So as usual I have been rushed off of my feet!! I honestly don't know
how I manage sometimes.

I had some really enjoyable gigs this month, On the 7th I went to
perform at Craig Tara Holiday Park and on the 13th of July I performed
my first live gig outside of Scotland in Peggy Sues in Byker Newcastle.
Everyone seemed to enjoy my performance so I was a happy bunny even
though I was performing on the dreaded Friday the 13th! The day lived up
to its reputation as I have had constant bad luck since so hopefully
things will start to look up.

On a postive note I got my tickets through today for The Scottish New
Music Awards which I am sooo excited about! I am nominated for "Pop
Recording of The Year" for my debut album "Adulation" which is AMAZING!
I really hope I win but I have some stiff competition with talented acts
such as Scosha and Carrie Mac in my category.

To be honest I am just over the moon to be nominated and I am currently
working with my stylist "Robert Leop Macfarlane" on a really cool dress
to wear to the event. This is my first award ceremony so I might as well
rock up in style!!! lol.

I can't plead enough with my fans to please vote for me to win at EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Also if you still aint seen me perform live I will be at Speakeasy in
John Street in Glasgow on the 29th of July, The Burnhill Bar in
Rutherglen on the 26th and The Butty in Glasgow on the 28th of July. It's
going to be one busy weekend.

The gig I am looking forward to the most is at Speakeasy as I performed
there as part of my tour and I love the Glasgow gay scene as this is
where my most loyal followers are for my music. I had a rehearsal with
my dancers last week and hopefully they will enjoy my new set! Honestly
can't wait for this gig!!

I'll leave you all with a wee picture of my SNMA nomination certificate
got it through the post the other day and I put it straight on my
kitchen wall!!!


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