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My O2 headline show!!!
Monday, 03 March 2014 21:14

O2 ABC Glasgow,

What a crazy couple of weeks I have had guys honestly its been mental. On the 28th of February I headlined my first show at The O2 ABC in Glasgow and the night was awesome. I had support from Glasgow girl group "Echo" and young Scottish Pop singer "CortneyG".

My performance went down really well and I was really happy with the ticket sales. Honestly my fans are so loyal and I want to thank everyone who turned up.

A Glasgow shop "Nic's NYC Deli" also loved my music so much that they made me my very own "SuperDiva" doughnut and gave away 250 of them away at my O2 gig. They were lovely, Pink marshmallow with glittery icing and a huge piece of hubba bubba gum in the middle..........God its actually bonkers that I have a doughnut named after one of my songs and to think people can go into the shop in Glasgow's St Enochs square and ask for one of them is even more crazy.

I then headed to SugarCube in Glasgow's Queen Street for my aftershow party. It was amazing it was fab to let my hair down after working sooo hard on promoting the show for the past few months. I actually enjoyed the party more lol it was a mad one!!!

I have also had a lovely article wrote about me on The STV Player app and a fab interview and music review by new Glasgow online newspaper "Dafty News" who love my music which you can read here......,.....

I also had time to stop in to local radio stations Sugar Radio, Black Diamond and Pulse FM to promote my new single "You're The One".

2014 has started great for me professionally. Long May it continue... :)

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx


Channel 5!!!
Monday, 20 January 2014 20:42

Hey Everyone,

Everything is going really well with my music and I am feeling so happy at the moment in every area of my life!!! It feels great to have my spark back!!!

So here is what has been happening in my life lately ;)

On the 13th of January my current single "You're The One" got it's first ever TV airplay on Channel 5 documentry "Baby Faced Brides" and it was sooo exciting. The show is all about 3 young girls under the age of 18 who are getting married. It was a controversial show and I was asked to sing at one of the couple's wedding. After I sang the production company told me my song was very beautiful and that they would like to use it in the show.

I knew that the song was going to get used on the show since summer last year however it was still such an exciting moment to hear my favourite song that I wrote from my debut album "Adulation" playing on the TV for the first time...It was so exciting. I went to my best friends house to watch "Baby Faced Brides" and the two of us were literally screaming when we heard the intro to my song. Channel 5 used "You're The One" over all of the 3 brides first dance scenes and then carried on playing the song through the show's end credits. I was so proud. My facebook page and mobile phone were going crazy for a few days after with everyone congratulating me. It was a very special moment and I hope there will be plenty more TV appearances for my music in the future.

I also managed to squeeze a visit into my old radio station Pulse 98.4FM where I used to present my own show a few years ago. I was asked by presenter DJ Martin Gold to come on to his show and promote my new single "You're The One". It was a fantastic morning and I also gave away two free tickets to my headline show at The O2 ABC in Glasgow which is coming up soon on the 28th of February...honestly I am so excited. I can't wait to see my name up on that venue.

Thank you to everyone so far who have bought tickets for my O2 ABC show. For fans who have still to get their tickets just go to the events section of this site and click the BUY NOW button. Every ticket is posted out with a lovely FREE signed glossy picture.

Anyway got to shoot as I am rushed off my feet as usual.


Ashley xxx

Launch Party and my next gig!!
Monday, 30 December 2013 19:44

So on the 15th of December I had my official single launch party for my new song "You're The One" at "Saint Judes" nightclub in Glasgow. I organised the event all on my own and provided free drinks and goody bags for my guests. The cocktail was made up specially for the event. I called it "The One" and it was a mix of vodka, kiwi, lemon and lime and grenadine. It tasted sooo good. I also performed 3 versions of my new single "You're The One"...the radio edit, the dance version and my favourite a classical version which was arranged by pianist "Alison Maguire" who also played live on the night. It was very special. Alison is a very beautiful and kind lady and she was my singing teacher at Drama College so it was a moment that I will remember in years to come.

So now that I have had a wee party I am now ready to promote the song like crazy for the next six months. "You're The One is the last song to be released from my debut album "Adulation" and it is the best song I have ever written so it deserves my full time and effort. It is exhausting promoting a record as an independent artist as you don't have the luxury of having a huge record company with loads of cash to throw at advertising. However I work my little butt off and slowly but surely I am reaching out to more fans that support me through thick and thin!...Honestly you mean so much to me!!!

So my next gig is at The O2 ABC in Glasgow on the 28th of February! I played this venue for the first time back in October however I was not the main headline act. However this time I am and I can not wait to see my name up on that venue for one day!! Honestly I'm such a geek I will probably take about a million pics on my phone before I head in for the soundcheck!!!

Anyways please come and support me by getting your tickets for the gig on the events section of my website!!

Lots of Love

Ashley XXX



Oran Mor!!!
Monday, 09 December 2013 16:27

Hey All,

Everything is going really well for me right now both professionally and personally and it feels amazing to be in such a good place.

Last week I went back and auditioned for Britain's Got Talent again and I was very happy with my performance. I am now waiting to hear back to see if I get to see my big friend Simon Cowell again on the live judges stage of the show :) I sang my single "You're The One" which is in my opinion the best song that I have wrote and I think it shows off my vocals too so fingers crossed I get the chance to prove that I am a credible artist!!

I have been so busy lately I am now trying to organise my time better and make sure I eat really healthy and at regular intervals because when you are gigging and travelling a lot you can start to feel exhausted. So I am making sure I am well prepared while promoting my new song "You're The One".

This weekend I was the headline artist at famous Glasgow music venue "The Oran Mor" which was a dream come true. I also performed with a full live band which was great. It is the first time that I have rocked up the tracks from my album "Adulation" and they sounded great with a band. The show went really well and I got a chance to channel my inner rock chic. I have been heavily influenced by Debbie Harry as a child as I grew up listening to all of The Blondie album's as my mum was a HUGE fan!! So going down that route musically is amazing as it is where my heart truly lies.

Anyways thank you again to all of the people who came and bought a ticket it meant a lot to me and its super special to see the same faces at so many of my shows.

I am now concentrating on organising the official single launch party for "You're The One" which is on the 15th of December and I am having it in Saint Judes Nightclub. I'm doing it all on my own and its a tough job but my music is my baby and I like to be in control so I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I'll update you all and let you all know how it went.


Ashley xxx



Thank You!
Monday, 25 November 2013 20:14

Hey Guys,

So as usual I have been a busy girl gigging up and down the country promoting the release of my new single "You're The One". The single is getting such good feedback and I just want to say THANK YOU to every fan who has bought the single or even just listened to it. It's amazing to know that the song I wrote as a teenager is touching so many people across the UK and that is truly the best feeling in the world!!!

Last week I went up to Aberdeen with my dancers to perform in Cheerz Nightclub and my set went down a storm and yet again there were people at the front of the audience singing along to the words of "You're The One".....honestly MENTAL!!!!

You're The One has also been nominated for Jim Gellatly and Amazing Radio's Scottish Album of 2013 Singer/Songwriter category!!! I was buzzing when I found this out as I work very hard on my music and promote it all by myself so to get this recognition is AWESOME...I'm just waiting back to hear if I have won!!! Amazing Radio have also played the song on Jim's show for the past four weeks running which I am so grateful for...honestly thank you soo much!!! Fingers crossed ;)

I am now working hard in rehearsals with my band for my first headline show at The Oran Mor in Glasgow. Hearing the songs I wrote as a teenager with a band who have supported Razor Light and Ocean Colour Scene is CRAZY!!!! I am a very lucky girl. The show is on the 7th of December and tickets are 9 and fans can get them from the events section of this website!! Fans will see a totally different "Ashley Collins".....the real me....a true songwriter and artist. Can't wait to silence the critics who doubt me!!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you all...I'm auditioning for Britain's Got Talent again!! My moto is.... if I fail I just get back up again and try harder!!! So I'm off to Britain's Got Talent this Sunday in Edinburgh to see my good buddy "Simon Cowell" lol...wonder if he listened to my album??? I'm going to sing You're The One and prove to Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges on Britain's Got talent that I can sing and I can write good tunes!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx


Rushed off my feet!
Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:52

Hey Everyone,

So first of all I have to apoligise to my fans for not updating my blog recently but I have been CRAZY busy promoting my new single "You're The One" which you will all be excited to know is finally out now and features the AMAZING remix by Ministry of Sound DJ Rick Harmony!

So anyway's October was a mad month...not only was my single released officially but it was my birthday on the 24th of October. Birthday's really are not that exciting the older you me it was pretty boring however I did play my first ever gig at The O2 ABC in Glasgow the day after my birthday and that was pretty cool! I have wanted to play that venue since I was a kid so I was very happy!!

I am now going to be busy promoting the release of "You're The One" through the winter and new year. So far I have been to Radio Saltire, Yorkhill Children's Hospital and had exciting articles in The Clydebank Post and ScotsGay Magazine. This weekend the 9th of November I have been asked to be a judge at this year's "Miss Glasgow 2013 Event" and I will also be performing my new single.

Then I am off up to Cheerz Nightclub in Aberdeen on the 15th of November before I headline my own show on the 7th of December at The Oran Mor with a full LIVE BAND! Make sure you all get your tickets ASAP from the EVENTS section on my website!

Mental... honestly just so happy to be doing what I love in life and following my dreams everyday!!

Talk soon


Ashley xxx


Lincoln Pride
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 21:57

I had such a fantastic time this weekend performing at The official Lincoln Pride aftershow party at The Scene nightclub in Lincoln.

The staff at the club were so friendly and me and my boyfriend had a fab time backstage. We met four amazing drag acts who were so funny it was unreal. I really love the gay scene in the UK, it is home to my most loyal fans and it is where I feel most comfortable performing in. I just fit in perfect with my over the top personality and dress sense. If I could be a Gay Icon in music I would be one very happy bunny!

I performed 5 tracks in total and the reaction I got when I performed my upcoming single "You're The One" was awesome. Everyone was dancing and singing along to the words. Honestly its crazy I feel like the song is spreading fast and I am hoping this is the track that will really break me as an artist.

I so wanted to stay after the show and party hard but I had a 5 hour drive back to Glasgow. I was exhausted by the time I got back home but it was worth every mile I travelled. Honestly I love stepping on stage as I get such a buzz from the crowd. Sometimes I have to pinch myself at how cool my life is at the moment. Everything is falling into place. I can't stop smiling!!

I also had an interview this week with student magazine "The Linc" which will be online next week so please look out for it fans at

Oh and I forgot to tell you! My new song "You're The One" is getting a dance remix by Ministry of Sound DJ Rick harmony. I actually can't wait to hear it! I hope its something like Lana Del Ray's Summer Time Sadness remix by David Guetta. Now that is one cool track!

Looking forward to October....loads of radio interviews and gigs coming up to promote my new single!

Got to go soooo busy

Lots of Love

Ashley xxx

Grimsby Pride
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 09:21

Hey Fans,

Life has been so good at the moment both personally and professionaly that I literally can't stop smiling every minute of every day! It feels so good to be back to my happy and positive self and it is really showing in my work!

On Saturday the 31st of August I travelled down to Grimsby to perform on the main stage at this year Gay Pride festival. I joined X factor star "Kitty Brucknell" on the entertainment lineup and I performed my new single "You're The One" my album track "First Love" and covers by Rhianna (Stay) and Pixie Lott's "All about Tonight".

The reaction from the crowd was amazing and I have had loads of tweets and messages from people who were in the crowd saying they loved my set and they thought I was fantastic, honestly when I get any positive feedback from my fans it makes me sooo happy I could burst with joy!

It was nice to enjoy the festival after I had performed and I really enjoyed a lot of the other acts. Plus it was nice that there was a free bar too but I only had one drink.

I then performed at the aftershow party at The Star Bar in Grimsby which I actually enjoyed even more than the actual festival as the atmosphere was crazy, maybe it was because all of the crowd were so drunk by the time 12pm came. I don't know but it was fab. What was even more cool was the fact that five boys at the front of the stage were singing all of the words to my new song "You're The One". They later told me they had downlaoded it ages ago and love the new music video! Thanks boys :)

Anyways the single comes out on the 21st of October and I am going to be busy organising all of the behind the scene stuff that goes on when you release a single, like organising my schools tour and going off on little missions with the Ashley Collins Street Team.

Honestly big thank you to all of my fans for the continued support Love you all very much and a big thanks to my official sponsor Sweet Boutique for making me look glam at all my gigs and personal apperances.

Love you all lots and lots.

Ashley xxx



Busy Bee :)
Friday, 26 July 2013 12:00


I have had such an exciting few weeks!

I finished writing my first song for my new album which will be out in 2014 and it is one of the most emotional songs I have ever written. They say some of the best songs in the world were written through heartbreak and I feel like I have really grown as an artist from my current life experience. I really cant wait now to go into the studio and put the vocals down and work with some fantastic producers. I am going to make sure this is the album that shows my full potential as a songwriter.

On Saturday the 20th of July I performed at my very first Gay Pride Event @ Northern Pride. It was the most amazing day and I was so proud to represent a charity that I believe in so much.

I performed my upcoming single "You're The One" as well as my favourite song on my album "First Love". I also covered The Wanted's smash hit "Glad You Came" , Cher's "Believe", Pixie Lotts "All About Tonight" and Rhianna's "Stay". My set went down a storm and I even caught the attention of some really fit men from "English Lads" who came on the stage as my backing dancers however I was mortified when they told me they were porn stars. Especially as one wanted my number. Oh and I got to meet Kieran Richardson who plays Ste from Hollyoakes too which was really cool.

I have also just filmed a documentry for channel 5 called "Britain's Young Brides" which will be shown on the TV in January. I was asked to sing my new single "You're The One" as the young couples first dance and it really brought a tear to my eye to see how happy they were. I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. Make sure you look out for me on TV :)

So I need to dash as I am off to perform at Birmingham's "Core Club" at The Stolen Identity Official single launch party. I am so excited to be the support artist


London Baby
Monday, 24 June 2013 12:40


Last time I blogged I was away on holiday to my Mum and Dad's Villa in Murcia in Spain. I had such a relaxing time it was unreal and I got to see my beautiful dog who I have missed so much as my Mum and Dad look after him now because I am so busy with my music.


When I came back to The UK I spent a few weeks with my management team in London. Collum Entertainment HQ has such a positive vibe and I got to spend a lot of time with other artists on the roster who are all working towards the same dreams and goals as myself and I found that situation made me so much more creative . I also got back into the recording studio for the first time in ages and it felt so good. I am now going to start recording my next album which will show a more mature side to myself as an artist and really showcase my talent as a songwriter.

I also got the chance to put my vocals down on one of my favorite covers. I recorded my own version of Rhianna's Stay which I will be giving away to all my fans as a free download. To get the track all you have to do is head over to my official facebook page and press LIKE! I chose to cover Rhianna's Stay as I connected with the song emotionally and I have had first hand experience of holding on to someone who is no good for me but finding it really hard to let go because of the intense love and passion I feel in my heart for that individual. It is a very raw situation for me and I hope that comes through in my vocals.

Also watch out for the video for my next single "You're The One". I got to see some stills from the video last week and it looks AMAZING!

Hope you are all well and loving life!

Lots of Love
Ashley xxx



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